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Finding the right pharmaceutical partner just got easier.

While seeking the development and acquisition of our own products, we are also committed to building lasting ongoing relationships with partner companies around the world.

Our substantial infrastructure and breadth of experience allows partner products to become firmly embedded within our existing range as well as in the markets in which we operate. Our partners are a wide variety of pharmaceutical businesses which are interested in streamlining their distribution and marketing, or expanding their business with a single organization covering the Nordic region

Your needs might be simple pharmaceutical product distribution or you may require a more sophisticated sales implementation plan. Either way, brand management within our existing team guarantees products reach their full potential.

If you are looking for a unique solution in our region that includes a business presence, then we have the experience in establishing and managing a dedicated team using our existing infrastructure. This has the flexibility to provide you a local presence but without committing to the cost and risk.

We have a unique concept to promote your drug in our marketing and sales organization handling a mix of registered products and Specials

Our e-platform – the Unimedic Commerce and Info Desk is the most efficient communication Desk being developed in the Nordic region for medical professionals, pharmacies and county councils

We use sales teams, e-detailing and advanced marketing research to optimize the penetration of the target groups

Whatever your requirements you can take advantage of a successful and flexible pharmaceutical sales and marketing infrastructure when partnering with Unimedic Pharma.


CEO – Unimedic Group
Anna Linton