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Extemporaneous products/specials

Extemporaneous preparations are specially manufactured pharmaceuticals which make it possible for care providers to customize patient treatment. The most common reasons for prescribing an extemporaneous drug are:

  • The correct strength and/or formulation is not available.
  • There is no approved pharmaceutical/licensed preparation containing the required substance.
  • The shelf-life of a pharmaceutical is so short, that it must be prepared directly before use.
  • The approved pharmaceutical/licensed preparation contains a substance to which the patient is allergic.

Today Unimedic produces the following formulations

  • Sterile injectables
  • Liquid oral preparations
  • Dental preparations

All products are manufactured in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and are subject to EU’s environmental laws.

As extemporaneous pharmacy in Sweden we produce and deliver a number of customized solutions and inventory preparations for the medical care. One example is closed-coupled systems for antibiotic use.

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To prescribe extemporaneous products
How to prescribe ( and find) the extemporaneous drugs in different medical records we have listed below a brief description of the most common medical record systems in the market.

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